Consonant inventory Edit

Bilabial Dental Retrofl. Palatal Uvular
Nasal /m/ /n̪/ /ɳ/ /ɲ/
Stop /p/ /t̪/ /ʈ/ /ɖ/ /c/ /ɟ/ /q/
Fricative /f/ /θ/ /ʂ/ /ʐ/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /χ/
Approximant /w/ /l̪/ /ɭ/ /j/
Trill /ʀʷ/ /ʀ/

Vowel inventory Edit

Front Back
High /i/ /ʏ/ [uː]
Mid /ɛ/ /ø/ /o/
Low /æ/ /ɑ/

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